I will be envy of my gf’s reverse intercourse buddy

I will be envy of my gf’s reverse intercourse buddy

I’ve a girlfriend that is wonderful i have already been dating for 4 yrs. She actually is extremely sweet—almost and outgoing flirtatious.

She recently went back once again to university. She’s met another male (older) class mate that she has already established inside her classes. He could be good and it has generously aided her with research. They see one another virtually every and have a joking relationship day. He nevertheless assists her a whole lot. I’ve only met him shortly.

She claims that he could be really nice—very smart and therefore she likes him a great deal.

I have been told by her which he became her buddy. He’s informed her that he has got a long distance gf as well. He’s told my gf him as well that she is a “very special friend” to. He’s got additionally offered her gifts that are small.

My gf has said about—he is only a friend and nothing more that I have nothing to worry. She’s talked to him a great deal about me bongacams more like this personally and informs him that i will be wonderful and that she really loves me personally.

Recently she’s been going out to lunch with him (alone) sufficient reason for other male classmates and him—college buddies. It has made me personally uncomfortable—she seems that i’m blowing it away from percentage but has told him that they must stop going out because much because i really do perhaps not comprehend their relationship. Continue reading “I will be envy of my gf’s reverse intercourse buddy”